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Billy Cloud
Billy Cloud — President, CEO of MacLeod’s No-Tie Centralizer

MacLeod's No-Tie Centralizer

Billy has a Masters of Construction Management degree from The University of Texas at Arlington, and is an experienced Project Engineer. His experience has given him first-hand knowledge on the importance of a more effective centralizer. He started MacLeod’s No-Tie Centralizer LLC to alleviate the problems of a project falling behind schedule and going over budget.

“While I was a Project Engineer, I went to a job site to provide a Quality Assurance check. We used two of the largest known competitor’s centralizers and then timed them being mounted to the rebar, and I saw how to remove a step and save time.”

By using MacLeod’s No-Tie Centralizer, a contractor saves 15 to 20 seconds per centralizer. Depending on the quantity purchased, you can save several hours, days, even a week to a month of time on the construction life of the project.